Why Us?

Almost every community has a host of independent contractors, in-home teachers, and other folks who "teach on the side." It's difficult to know who to trust. Are they honest about their education? Background? Experience? Reporting the money you give them to the IRS? You may never know. 

Before you leave your child alone with a private teacher, there are things you'll want to know. At Academy of Sound, we check on all of the above so you have less to worry about. Our teachers have credible experience (read their profiles for details), verified education, and proven ability and skill. We adhere to a strict set of standards when adding to our faculty. And, we pay all of our teachers legally as employees.

Our studio runs on schedule and provides a private, distraction-free atmosphere with spacious lesson rooms. Your lesson time is reserved just for you, to receive the undivided attention of your teacher in an environment conducive to learning.

Since we have no less than eight teachers on staff at any time, we're happy to assist in choosing the teacher that's the best match for you or your child. For whatever reason, not all teachers are a great fit for all students -- we get that! Because we have many teachers for each instrument, we offer the flexibility to change teachers if/when it is deemed necessary (though this is quite rare).

We would love to meet you, and are happy to set up a time for you and your family to visit, take a tour, and meet us! 

-Erin Chisman, Founder & Executive Director

2017 Faculty

Academy of Sound 2017 Faculty. L-R: Blakeley Menghini, Rojo Carranza, Michael Mood, Nancy Cox, Adam Chisman, and Erin Chisman. Not pictured: Bridget Schwefel, and Irene Verdegan.