Tuition Details

The following information is for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

All Students
Your tuition includes 45 minute private lessons from the week of September 11, 2017 through the week of May 25, 2017. Regular closings are taken into account (winter break, a week off for Thanksgiving, spring break, etc.). There are no make ups. Instead, all students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and classes the week after the end of the academic year. *60 minute private lessons are available upon request.

Your tuition includes access to a private lesson teacher on your reserved day and time, a private lesson room inside our facility, that teacher's prep time to acquire materials, and to set up your lesson space to fit you. Tuition includes a teacher's undivided attention and expertise for your allotted lesson time each week. Tuition also includes optional participation in any/all recitals that we may offer throughout the year.

Piano Students
Your tuition includes TWO professional piano tunings at your home. As piano teachers, we recognize that keeping your instrument in good shape is a determining factor in the success of the student. We recommend scheduling these six months apart -- once in the fall and again in the spring. Tuition has been raised to cover a portion of the tunings, but we are happily eating some of the cost ourselves to ensure that our students are playing on well-maintained instruments. *It is possible that your piano may need additional work at the time of the tuning, such as a pitch shift, action regulation, or repairs. If this is the case, the tuner would let you know, and you would be responsible for any additional charges beyond the included A440 tuning. To schedule, please contact John Douglass at or 608-455-2030 and mention that you are an AOS piano family.

Guitar Students
Your tuition includes TWO professional setup adjustments. Each setup will include a new set of strings. Scheduling regular adjustments for your guitar is important to keep it in good working order. We recognize that practicing on a high-quality and well-maintained instrument is one of the biggest reasons a student stays interested in learning. These setups will ensure that your instrument is sounding its best, and is adjusted so that it's easier to play -- adjustments will be made to the truss rod, intonation, and action as needed. To schedule, please contact Adam Chisman at or 608-371-9030.

Sibling Discounts
Families that have two or more children enrolled in piano may request a sibling discount to account for the extra 2x/year tuning premium(s) that will not be used if you have only one piano in your home.

The Breakdown:
Last year, 45 minute piano lessons were $1,732
This year, 45 minute piano lessons are $1,875
The difference is $143. 
We've allocated $140 of that toward two piano tunings for your family piano. However, we will pay $158.25 for the tunings.
In summary: Piano Tuition has gone up $3 per year

Last year, 45 minute guitar lessons were $1,732
This year, 45 minute guitar lessons are $1,815
The difference is $83
We've allocated $80 of that toward two setup adjustments. That is exactly what we pay on your behalf as well.
In summary: Guitar Tuition has gone up $3 per year.