Access our waitlists by logging in or creating an account.

Our waitlists work two ways:
  1. If the spot for which you waitlisted opens up, you are in line for the option to enroll in that spot. 
  2. If new spots are added with the teacher or the instrument for which you are waitlisted in ANY spot, you will have the option to enroll in the newly added spots.
You will NOT be charged registration or enrollment for adding a student to a waitlist. Even though our software requires payment information in order to reserve your spot on a waitlist, YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED IF/WHEN YOU ACTUALLY ENROLL.

Whenever one of these options become available, you'll be notified by email.

So please add the student to as many waitlists and you'd like. You are NOT obligated to any spot that becomes available. You will simply have the option to enroll.

If you have other questions about our wait lists, please contact our office.