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Online Lessons

All of our teachers offer online video chat lessons. During normal circumstances online learning is optional. Currently, we are in a phase of operating 100% online. We will resume in-person options January 24, 2022.


Online lessons utilize hardware and software that allow us to conduct a lesson over the internet. Students can learn from home, while receiving the same high-quality lessons you've come to expect at our on-site facilities and from our teachers. 


The following are the requirements for these lessons:

  1. A laptop or mobile device (tablet, phone with large screen) with a built-in or external camera, microphone, and speakers

  2. A reliable high-speed internet connection

  3. Google Hangouts app, which is free

  4. An instrument in your home to use for lessons and practice

The following are our recommendations for times when online lessons are only an option:

  1. Have studied your instrument in-person for at least one year, and have attained a level where physical manipulation of the hands by the teacher is no longer necessary

  2. Has reached a level of maturity where the hardware and software is not a distraction from the actual lesson

  3. Can set up in a quiet area with your instrument, free of outside noise and distractions for the lesson duration


Even with online lessons, there may be times where we ask the student to come for an in-person lesson. This could be for a variety of reasons, including recital preparation, or to work on a particularly challenging skill or piece. Being geographically available for an occasional in-person lesson will be helpful, but is not required. 


If you have any questions or are wondering about your child's readiness for online video chat lessons, please be in touch with our office.

Focused boy playing acoustic guitar and

COVID-19 NOTE:  We know everyone is anxious to return to a sense of normalcy. It's clear that one of the best ways to ensure that we can do this sooner, is to continue social distancing as much as possible now. We will limit the number of students and teachers in our facility; clean between each lesson; require masks as appropriate; offer online lessons by request or for health reasons; and continue to monitor and implement public health recommendations. We will keep you updated about how they affect our operations.

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