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YouTube Video Uploads for Virtual Recital

  1. Sign in to YouTube.

  2. Select “Create a video and more” in the upper right corner, then click “Upload video.”

  3. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create one when you select “Upload video.” Follow the prompts to do so, then proceed to the next steps below.

  4. Click “select file” and locate the file you’d like to upload OR drag the file into the popup window.

  5. Follow the prompts and ensure your video is uploaded as ”Public” or “Unlisted.” If it is private, Academy of Sound will not be able to use it.

  6. Copy the video's URL, which is a link created during the upload process.

  7. Register for the recital using this form, no later than 7pm on Friday, May 15th, 2020.

  8. Within your registration, paste the URL of your YouTube video.

  9. Academy of Sound will respond with a confirmation that your performance has been included in the recital.

  10. Create one video per student in your household.

  11. Write to or call 608-371-9030, if experiencing technical difficulties or with any questions.

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