COVID-19 UPDATE: We will be offering a Virtual Winter Recital on Monday, December 21, 2020, using pre-recorded videos. Please register to participate, using the button below. 


Last updated 11/10/2020

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Recital Information (for in-person recitals only)

How do I pay my child's accompanist?

If your require an accompanist (many voice and strings students do), you will pay the accompanist directly by cash or check made out to them, at or before their last rehearsal before the concert. If the accompanist does not specify their fee, please ask. 

Is this recital required?

No. All of our recitals are optional. Students 17 and under that have been in lessons for six months or longer are encouraged to perform. It is a way for students to show what they've accomplished and worked at this year. Students and families should be proud of the hard work they've done. Performing is a very important part of being enrolled in a performing arts school, and it needs to be taken seriously.  Missing this performance once you are on the program could jeopardize future lessons.

Will there be programs for the recitals?

Yes. The shows are large are require structure, which means there will be a specific order. We have emailed a PDF draft of the program to all families participating in the show days before the event so you could check for errors, omissions, and to see where your child(ren) will perform in the line-up.

What should my child wear for the recital?

This is considered a dress-up event. We like to answer this question more as a "what not to wear." Please do not wear anything that's ripped or has holes in it, dirty shoes, t-shirts, shirts with words or logos on them, or hoodies. Please avoid jeans. Girls usually wear dresses or a nicer pants and shirt outfit. Some students may want to add accessories/props relating to their performance; this is perfectly fine if planned with your teacher in advance.

What do we do when it's time for our child to perform?

Your child needs to be backstage NO LATER THAN when the person two before them is on stage. Exit the theatre from the back, go left to follow the hallway until you are behind the stage. There is a door on the left that leads backstage (it's across the hall from the choir room). Bring your child to us in that area and we can take them from there. When your child is finished, they will need to return to the theatre quietly by exiting backstage and going around to the theatre entrance the same way they came in, only moving through the theatre during applause. Feel free to practice this route before the show. Everyone must be very quiet backstage.

Where can students warm up, tune, rehearse, etc. before performing?

In the choir room, which is located in the same hallway as the backstage entrance. Teachers and accompanists will be around to help.


Will there be a group photo?

Yes! Please stick around so that your child doesn't miss out. Group photos will be taken immediately after each show.

Is there room to invite family & friends? Do we need tickets?

There will be plenty of room at the OPAC, so invite everyone you want! There are no tickets. We do collect donations at the door to benefit Academy of Sound Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 charity providing scholarships for private music study to deserving youth in our community. We recommend a minimum donation of $25 per family, or $8 per person. Please see the events tab on our Facebook page for easy inviting!

When should we arrive at the OPAC?

Oregon Performing Arts Center is located inside Oregon High School, 456 North Perry Parkway, Oregon WI 53575. We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes before showtime. Doors will be open 10 minutes before the first show, and during intermissions between shows. Students should sit with their families in the auditorium until it's time for them to be backstage. All attendees should stay for the entire show.

How long will the recital last?

Each of our recitals is usually 60-90 minutes.

Will there be treats/beverages like we've had in the past at the OPAC?

Yes, as long as we continue to have a volunteer food coordinator. It is always nice to have this time to socialize with other AOS families and faculty between the shows!

Can we take our own pictures/videos?

No and maybe. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is strictly prohibited during performances. Flashes are very distracting to performers and audience members. You may take still photos WITHOUT FLASH during the show, so long as your camera makes no noise, has no bright screen, and your movements are not rude or distracting to other audience members. 

Will a video be available?

The recitals will be recorded by OCA Media, and can be ordered by calling 608-291-0148.

Other important things to note:

Students should bow/curtsy and smile after their performance. Teachers will practice this with them in the lessons leading up to the recital. 


It is our intention that recitals are a positive experience for everyone, so if your child has anxiety/stage-fright, or any other issues that may make performance difficult, please let their teacher know. We have all performed numerous times and will have lots of good thoughts to offer. We can offer to sit by your child on stage if necessary, even if we aren't there to turn pages. We can arrange for an older student to mentor your child the day of the show, so they don't feel like they're alone -- this has been really helpful in the past. Don't be afraid to tell us if your child has expressed any fears about the recital.

Thanks and see you at the recital!