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Academy of Sound is a place where students are free to be themselves. We welcome diversity and self-expression, and offer a supportive environment. 

Private Music Education



Why choose
Academy of Sound?

Academy of Sound has created a high set of standards for hiring teachers, and provides an environment which has been carefully tailored to be the most beneficial to students.

You can count on us to run things on schedule and provide a safe, private, distraction-free atmosphere with spacious lesson rooms. Your lesson time is reserved just for you, to receive the undivided attention of your teacher in an environment conducive to learning.

Safe Learning

Before you leave your child alone with a private teacher, you can rest assured that we run an annual background check on all teachers, and regularly monitor our lessons so you have one less thing to worry about. All of our lesson rooms have windows and parents/caregivers are welcome to pop in anytime. Our teachers have credible experience, verified education, and proven ability and skill. All of our teachers are employees, which means we operate legally, classified as such by both the IRS and the State of Wisconsin employee vs. independent contractor guidelines.

Assistance and Flexibility

We're happy to assist in choosing the teacher that's the best match for you or your child. For whatever reason, not all teachers are a great fit for all students -- we get that! Because we have many teachers for each instrument, we offer the flexibility to change teachers if/when it is deemed necessary, although this is quite rare.

We would love to meet you. Set up a time to visit us and take a tour.

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