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Private Lesson Partnership with

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Welcome, Mariposa Families

Academy of Sound began offering our private lessons in a special music room at Mariposa's facility at 4870 Brassica Rd., Fitchburg WI in June 2020.

These lessons are offered as a benefit to Mariposa students only, with a special discounted rate.

If your child needs a rental instrument, we're happy to size them and provide & deliver one at a competitive rate. For details please speak with Erin using the contact information below.

Director of Music at Mariposa: Erin Chisman

Phone: 608-371-9030


Sign up below

A $60/family annual family registration fee will be charged upon enrollment.

For kids who want to try a few teachers/lessons before deciding, please sign up for anything below and make a note on your registration form to let us know. We will reach out to confirm and coordinate!

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