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Ukulele Group Class Jan-Feb 2021

Welcome to our ukulele class for kids!

This is the page where you will access all class meetings and materials. Bookmark it at

Our group lessons are presented via GOOGLE MEET

To prepare for the next class, do the following: 

1) Make sure you have an active Google account. Any Gmail or YouTube account is already a valid Google account. If needed, create your Google account in advance here.

2) If using a smartphone or tablet, download the Google Meet app in advance, and sign in using your Google account.

3) Watch the tuning tips video (below) to prepare for your class.

4) Before your class begins, sign in to your Google account, come back to this page, and click the purple ENTER CLASS NOW button to join your class.


Please contact Academy of Sound at
(608) 371-9030 or with any questions or technical troubleshooting.


Tuesday, 4:15pm


Tuning video

Click the button for a web-based tuner.

Be sure to allow mic access!

Ukulele tuning notes:

G4, C4, E4, and A4


Download the free Pano tuner app for Apple or Android.

Weekly content

Week 3 review / practice video

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