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Grant Blaschka, Electric & Upright Bass Teacher joins Academy of Sound

Former Academy of Sound student, current band member of The Earthlings (self-described as "a band exploring the furthest reaches of space and the closest caverns of the human heart...Wonky 808 beats and psychedelic waves of sounds evolve and morph your soul into motion") holding both a BA and MM in Upright Bass Performance, Grant Blaschka has joined the AOS faculty as an electric & upright bass teacher, and is accepting students now.


I first met Grant more than ten years ago when he was a guitar student here at Academy of Sound. It's exciting to catch up with former students, especially when they've continued studying music and are now accomplished musicians themselves. Grant is no exception. When he called earlier this year to ask about potential work at Academy of Sound, I found myself instantly anticipating writing this very introduction. I'm so excited for the students who will study with Mr. Grant!

Read on to learn why.


After graduating from Oregon High School, Grant earned a BA in Upright Bass Performance with a minor in Sound Production and Music Technology, as well as a Jazz Certificate from UW-Whitewater. He went on to complete his MM in Upright Bass Performance at University of Hartford - Hartt School Connecticut.


During his time in school and since, Grant has done extensive work in sound engineering, video streaming, and audio technology; far too many things to list here. Grant's performance activity is no less impressive. He has been an active performer since high school, including WYSO, and the UW-Whitewater Jazz Bands/combos, alternative strings ensemble, orchestras, chamber ensembles, musical/opera pits, laptop ensemble, and more. He's played in rock, funk, hip-hop, jazz, experimental, and bluegrass bands on both upright and electric bass.

Currently Grant is a member of The Earthlings, who describe themselves as "a band exploring the furthest reaches of space and the closest caverns of the human heart. Coming out of the chrysalis of quarantine, the group has emerged with a new configuration, adding Grant Blashka on Cybass guitar and sibling Meggie Gilfillan on vocal harmonies. Wonky 808 beats and psychedelic waves of sounds evolve and morph your soul into motion. Expect some classics revamped for the New Age and of course, the unexpected... For fans of: Enya, Beastie Boys"

All the while, Grant has been teaching private and group lessons, composition, and computer music courses since high school.

If I were ever going to learn bass, I would study with Grant!

Now Enrolling

And now, he joins Academy of Sound as our Bass Teacher. We've got him listed as working with kids ages 8 and up plus adults, at all levels, but if you have someone interested in bass that's outside of those specs, give us a call.


From our website:

Grant Blaschka is an upright and electric bass player from Oregon, Wisconsin, and an Academy of Sound alumnus. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with a degree in Upright Bass performance. He went on to receive his Masters of Music in Upright Bass Performance From the University of Hartford - Hartt School, where he studied under world-renowned bassist Robert Black. Grant has been playing bass since 2001 and teaching since 2011. While attending music school, he specialized in classical, jazz, and experimental electroacoustic music. He has a particular interest in improvisation, phenomenology, and extended just intonation practices. As a teacher, he takes great care in specializing his training for the individual needs of students, with the intent of helping them achieve their personal goals and desires. Grant performs regularly in Madison Wisconsin as a soloist and with local Indie-rock band The Earthlings as well as modern African-rock band Kikeh Mato. Grant joined the Academy of Sound faculty in 2021.

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