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New Bucket Drumming Summer Class!

A week-long course fun for all experience levels!

We are excited to share more information about our new bucket drumming class! This is a weeklong class that introduces students to percussion, rhythm, and having fun with drums. Bucket Drumming is a unique style of drumming that is accessible to everyone, no matter your experience! It's a great way to learn the basics of percussion as all it requires is a simple utility bucket and drumsticks. This class will run from July 24-27 and is available for ages 7 to 12. We'll finish up the week with a small glow-in-the-dark concert to showcase everything your student learned!

Does Your Piano Need A Tune-Up?

Special offer for summer students!

All of this unusual weather we've been having this summer, like the changes in humidity, causes instruments to go out of tune. As some of you already know, Ms. Ally, one of our piano teachers here at Academy of Sound offers piano tuning and repair services! She has over twenty years of experience and is offering a special discount for Academy of Sound summer students! If you are interested in getting your piano tuned and are currently enrolled in the summer session, you can enjoy $20 off of your regular tuning fee!

Pianos are delicate instruments and so providing yearly care is important to their longevity. Ally can be reached at her website here. If you're needing just a tuning or if your piano needs more repairs, Ally is here to help! Hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.

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