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Summer lessons are upon us..and so much else!

Believe it or not- it's May! #Summer is just over a month away and we couldn't be more excited as to what is on the docket!

Summer Lessons:

From private lessons to SingALingo and Zumbini classes, we've got something for everyone! Enrollment is now open, so don't delay! Sign up today. If you don't see your current teacher on the enrollment page, ask about it in their lessons this week!

Spring Recital Reminders!

Our Spring Recitals will take place on Sunday, May 19th starting at 1pm. They will take place at Academy of Sound! Are you as excited as we are? Check out the details on our Facebook page!

Rhapsody Arts Center Closes:

We were absolutely shocked, and deeply saddened to learn of the sudden closing of Rhapsody Arts Center in Verona last week. We've shared programs, teachers and other resources with Rhapsody over many years. We were inspired by their work, and are undeniably sad to lose such a close friend and neighbor.

After pondering what we could do to help, we've decided to offer our lesson rooms, for free to any former Rhapsody teachers and students so they can finish off the school year without disruption (other than the 7 mile drive out of the way). In addition, we are looking at how we might expand our space to open up additional faculty positions. Stay tuned!

Erin talks AOS, Lessons sign up and more!

A couple of weeks ago, Academy Director Erin Chisman sat down with Jeff from The Minter Team at Realty Executives Cooper Spransy

Erin and Jeff covered several topics during their chat! Did you miss it? You can catch the interview on YouTube! Click this link to check it out!

Blog Topic: Is your child ready for private lessons? Check out these 4 tips!

Are you considering music lessons for your young child this summer? There are quite a bit of resources out there giving advice on what is the best age to start your child in music lessons, but we've found that each student is different. Here are some tips for #parents to be on the lookout for.

1. Can your child handle the instrument?

A four year old isn't going to be playing the double bass, but he might be able to begin lessons in #piano or #recorder. If parents are considering a woodwind instrument for their child, such as the clarinet, research suggests that it is best to wait until after their second set of teeth are in to give them more strength to manage the required articulation of the instrument.

2. How is your child's concentration?

A typical lesson runs 30-45 minutes. Your child's teacher may break up the lesson with educational games to keep your young learner engaged but the reality is that some are not ready for that concentration. A trial lesson can quickly show parents if their child is ready or not.

3. Can your child read?

Though not essential for very young learners, it is highly encouraged that a young music student can at least read the letters of the alphabet and recognize simple words. Those skills will help facilitate a more productive lesson.

4. Can your child count and distinguish right from left?

These skills are incredibly helpful for teaching your child basic rhythm skills as well as beginning technique. If these skills are still a struggle, it might be best to wait on lessons for a time.

Lessons are an enriching experience that a student can carry with them for their entire lives. Sometimes, though, it is best to wait until they can fully experience them.

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