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Taking a Break from Music Lessons Over the Summer?

With such a strange year almost behind us, many families are itching to go on that postponed vacation or restart activities that had previously been cancelled. It's easy to understand wanting to return to a sense of normalcy when so much has been on hold in 2020 and 2021.

Rest and relaxation are part of growing and getting stronger. A break can help relieve some of the pressure for a music student who has been working hard and consistently for several months. That's why we take a couple weeks off at the beginning and end of summer -- even our teachers need some time to rejuvenate!

However, longer breaks are not without significant risk. We encourage you to weigh the consequences of taking the summer completely off before making that decision. Some of the risks of missing three consecutive months of music lessons include:

  1. Losing Momentum - It is easier to do activities you already do. The more you learn about and practice a skill, the more excited about it you become. Taking time off for the summer stops that momentum, and sets you back even further upon return in the fall to rekindle that interest.

  2. Weakened Muscle Memory - Music lessons and practice train your child’s mind as much as their muscles. The practice helps build fine motor skills to perform specific tasks automatically. With a break, the muscles begin to weaken and “forget” the lessons already learned.

  3. Losing Skill - Mastering a new skill is a thrilling accomplishment for a child after struggling to acquire it. That skill weakens without practice. When school resumes, they may have to struggle to remaster that same level of skill they had already attained previously.

Not only does progress come to a halt during breaks, but students actually lose the skills and strengths they gained. After too long of a break, they will need to catch up, costing them and you both time and money.

Academy of Sound offers a variety of summer schedules. Our teachers are available in-person and online, and this can vary from week to week as needed if you let us know. We offer private lessons in Oregon and Fitchburg, WI, and online worldwide. Check out our website to learn more about our teachers, and see our summer openings.

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